In mid April of 1979, the first movement of a musical to tell the life, teachings and love of Jesus was concieved. Pictured is the scene depicting the new covenant being written by the Lord. The resurrection is the signature of title deed for a new life. The play opens in Genesis 1:1-3, Gen.2:7-3:19 and continues in John 1:1-5 & 14. Continuing then from the birth of Jesus through Pentecost and the "first altar call" the WORD of God has been the script. The composer believes that nothing given to us in the earth is more powerful than God's Word. It is the way of life given in love for mankind. The Word spoken or sung in faith, integrity and conviction, married to spirit inspired music written in love, presents an opportunity to present Jesus as Savior and King, God become flesh, our life savior and an intimate friend.

This purposed mission and compelled life direction, 38 years later, is in it's final scoring and recording.  Over the past 37 years the composer has performed the expanding compositions and the complete presentations in numerous forms; as a Solo-One-Man-Play, as a Theatrical Presentation and in Concert. In many of these presentations numerous souls have entered into life changing relationships with Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.

We, all of us at The Inspiration Company, are committed to presenting this musical to all who will hear ....and listen.